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I just sent this to my sister and since I've recommended Onyx to a couple of you, I thought I'd post it here too. Directions for running Onyx.

really this app fixes just about everything on a Mac. I don't know another way to fix whatever ails your computer. you can download at the link above.

1. start onyx. it will close all open applications. you will have to restart when you're done.

2. it will check the smart status. let it do that, it doesn't take long.

3. it will verify disk. you should let it do that too. you don't have to, you can click 'cancel' on anything and it won't do it. takes about as long as it normally does to verify.

4. go to 'cleaning' at the top.

5. you can select different things. I suggest doing internet, user, and boot, and maybe system if you're having a lot of trouble.

6. check off the things that you want 'cleaned'. keep most of them checked, but check off things like desktop background and dock icons and such. click 'execute' for each.

7. it will say you need to restart when you're done. as I said above, you can click cancel and go on to cleaning more than one thing. repeat.

8. click the 'x' to close onyx and restart your computer. everything should run smoother.
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