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I've been thinking about doing this for a while, and after someone on my flist asked me about one today, I thought I should go ahead with it. Now I'm not gonna act like I know them all, because I don't, I'm still learning new ones every day and this will be updated when I do. Also feel free to tell me of any I may have forgotten.

ngl, I got most of these from [ profile] ohnotheydidnt :p

guide to abbreviations on lj, ebay, deviantart, and the interwebs (there is strong language, be forewarned)

updated 2-5-09

lj/misc online
ADIML- [ profile] adayinmylife
AITYD- and I think you do
atm- at the moment
B&/B7- banned
BAMF- bad ass mother fucker
bb- baby
bf- boyfriend
bff- best friend(s) forever
bj- blowjob
BNF- big name in fandom
btw- by the way
DB- douchebag
diaf- die in a fire
dnw- do not want
FB- Facebook
F!S- fandomsecrets
ffaf- free for all friday (ontd-specific)
ffs- for fuck's sake
FML- fuck my life
ftl- for the lose
FTMFW- for the mother fucking win
ftw- for the win
fyi- for your information
gdi- god damn it
gf- girlfriend
GSA- Gay-Straight alliance
HBIC- head bitch in charge
ia- I agree
iawtc- I agree with this comment
iawtq- I agree with this question (seconded)
ICR- I can relate
icwydt/iswydt- I see what you did there
ICYMI- in case you missed it
idc- I don't care
idgaf/idgf- I don't give a fuck
idgi- I don't get it
idk- I don't know
IJAF- it's just a fact
ikr- I know right?
ILU/ILY- I love you
imho- in my humble opinion
imo- in my opinion
irl- in real life
ita- I totally agree
IYKWIM- if you know what I mean
jfc- jesus fucking christ
js- just saying
jsyk- just so you know
jw- just wondering
LGBT- Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual; used as a general term for this community
lmao- laughing my ass off
milf- mom I'd like to fuck
mirf- mom I'd run from
mte- my thoughts exactly
nfi- no fuckin idea
ngl- not gonna lie
noob- newbie
NSFL- not safe for life
NSFW- not safe for work
OC- original commenter, can also mean original character
omfg- oh my fucking god
omg- oh my god
onhd- oh no he didn't (onsd is she and so on)
ontd- oh no they didn't (most often refers to the community [ profile] ohnotheydidnt)
OOC- out of character
OP- original poster
OT- off-topic
otp- one true pairing
pos- piece of shit
PSA- public service announcement
PWP- porn without plot
qt- cute
rl- real life
rn- right now
rofl- rolling on the floor laughing
sfm- so fucking much
SI'd- self-injured
SIF- secret internet fatty
sol- shit out of luck
srs bsns- serious business
stfd- sit the fuck down
stfu- shut the fuck up
sth- something
tbf- to be fair
tbh- to be honest
tbqh- to be quite honest
TIA- thanks in advance
tqc- [ profile] thequestionclub
ttyl- talk to you later
wtf- what the fuck
wth- what the hell

ANTM- America's Next Top Model
B&B- the Bold and the Beautiful
BSG- Battlestar Galactica
BTVS- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
DH- Desperate Housewives
DW- Doctor Who
DWTS- Dancing With the Stars
GA- Grey's Anatomy (can also be used for the music group Girls Aloud)
GG- Gossip Girl
GW- Ghost Whisperer
HIMYM- How I Met Your Mother
OTH- One Tree Hill
SPN- Supernatural
SV- Smallville
SYTYCD- So you think you can dance
TB- True Blood
tscc- Terminator; The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Y&R- the Young and the Restless

misc other lj and fanfic
AU- alternate universe (does not follow canon events)
fic- fanfiction
gbp- gratuitous birthday post
gip- gratuitous icon post
mpreg- male pregnancy in a fic
rec- recommendation
RPS- real people slash
slash- same sex pairing in a fic, usually used to describe male/male relationship, femmeslash is used for women
UST- unresolved sexual tension

various other entertainment
HD- High definition
HSM- High School Musical
ITH- In The Heights (a Broadway show)
JA- Jensen Ackles
JT- Justin Timberlake
kstew- Kristin Stewart
MKA- Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
NPH- Neil Patrick Harris
OBC- original broadway cast
OBCR- original broadway cast recording
POTW- from House- patient of the week
RHCP- Red Hot Chili Peppers
rpattz- Robert Pattinson (who needs to diaf imo)
RO- Rosie O'Donnell
SMeyer- Stephenie Meyer
TDK- The Dark Knight

BNIB- brand new in box
EUC- easily used condition (same as above)
GUC- gently used condition
htf- hard to find
MC- mint condition
NIB- New in Box
NIP- new in packaging
NR- no reserve (no minimum bid)
NWoT- new without tags
NWP- New without packaging
NWT- new with tags (most of the time)
RTS- ready to ship

slang/urban words
brill(s)- brilliant
fap- mb8, or masturbate
moar- more
poast- post
stan- an overzealous fan
totes- totally
tranny- transvestite

Harry Potter (HP)
CoS- Chamber of Secrets
D/H- Draco/Hermione
DD- Dumbledore
DH- Deathly Hallows
EWE- epilogue what epilogue? (I think) refers to fic that is not DH epilogue-compliant
GoF- Goblet of Fire
H/D- Harry/Draco
H/HR -Harry/Hermione
HBP- Half Blood Prince
HP/SS- Harry/Snape
JKR- J.K. Rowling
OoTP-Order of the Phoenix
PoA- Prisoner of Azkaban
R/HR- Ron/Hermione
SS- Severus Snape
SS/PS- Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone
tlc- the leaky cauldron

DD- daily deviation
devwatch- adding a deviant to your watch/flist
fav- someone/you add something to favorites
manip- photomanipulation
PV's- pageviews
sub- subscription
WIP- work in progress
WP- wallpaper

misc shopping/designers
D&B- Dooney & Bourke
D&G- Dolce & Gabbana
KVZ- Kathy Van Zeeland
LV- Louis Vitton (can also mean Lord Voldemort :p)
MFIL- My Flat in London, not to be confused with MILF (see above)
MBMJ- Marc by Marc Jacobs
MJ- Marc Jacobs
MK- Michael Kors
RTW- ready to wear
YSL- Yves Saint Laurent

OH- overheard
RT- retweet
follow- add someone to your friend/watch list

misc health
chemo- chemotherapy, a cancer treatment
ED- eating disorder, can also stand for erectile dysfunction, lol.
ER- emergency room
IBS- irritable bowel syndrome
MS- multiple sclerosis
PA- Physician Assistant
PCP- primary care physician
PHR- personal health record
stna- state tested nursing aide
vampire- a phlebotomist (someone who draws your blood)

misc natural (used a lot in [ profile] naturalliving)
EO- essential oils
hfcs- high fructose corn syrup
OCM- oil cleansing method

EVOO- extra virgin olive oil, used by Rachael Ray

GPOYW- gratuitous post of your webcam

misc abbreviations I use
fibro- fibromyalgia
LTROI- Let The Right One In
MHNI- Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute (my neuro)
MSG- monosodium glutamate (food additive I'm sensitive to)
neuro- neurologist
qotd- quote(s) of the day

Alphabetized using this tool (one of the best things evar)

for all your other needs, I highly recommend you use urbandictionary.

now you have no excuse to not know what I'm talking about :p

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